Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sean Clarke's Patient Safety Speaker Series Talk: Opening the Black Box

Dr. Sean Clarke, who is a trained nurse and health services researcher gave a wide-ranging talk on his research yesterday at the Department of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation as part of the Bridging the Quality Chasm Health Services Research seminar series, which is focused on patient safety.

Dr. Clarke's research is focused on understanding organizational influenceson clinical judgement in hospital nursing care.

Dr. Clarke openned the talk with a discussion on outcomes research, and how outcomes research can illuminate how endpoints of clinical care relate to context. The goal of outcomes research is to provide data for improving the quality of health care to a broad audience, including : clinicians, management and stakeholders (including patients). A number of theoretical models are used to explore the black box which include variables such as : leadership, practice environment, nurse staff, nurse job outcomes, processes of care and patient outcomes.

Dr. Clarke has applied this framework to the analysis of key processes related to patient safety:
- Needlestick injuries
- Failure to rescue
- Relationship between volumes and outcomes
- Processes of care measures

For upcoming Health Services Research Seminars on Bridging the Quality Chasm, please visit: http://www.hpme.utoronto.ca/about/events/hsrseminar0910.htm

To learn more about Dr. Clarkes' research, visit his website ( http://bloomberg.nursing.utoronto.ca/staff/AcademicStaff/Sean_Clarke.htm )or contact him directly at sean.clarke@utoronto.ca

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  1. This is a vital area of concern for the medical industry and I'm glad to see that there have been safety speakers addressing it in the past. The hospital that I work for recently announced they'd be bringing in such a speaker and so I'm looking for other events like the one we're about to have. What were some of the most salient points that Dr. Clarke addressed? I ask so that I can make sure the speaker we've got coming in addresses them.